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How do I set up my BigTeams Fan account?

Last Updated: Sep 10, 2018 11:33AM EDT
To locate your school's athletics page, go to and click School Search. Search for your school and click on the school site.

Then click Join at the top right of the page to begin creating your fan account.


You will be directed to the page below. Be sure to fill in all required fields. Then click the Create Account button at the bottom.

Once you click Create Account, you will be taken to your Fan Dashboard. From there, you can sign up for alerts, select favorite teams and submit photos to your Athletic Director to be added to the site.

Schedule Star Fan Account

Once you are directed to the “Fan Dashboard” page (below) click My Favorites/Alerts.

On the “My Favorites/Alerts” tab, you will then have to select your school by clicking Add a School.

Once you click “Add A School”, a popup window will appear (below) asking you to search your school. We recommend searching by zip code. ***there may be multiple schools with the same name***

Select your school from the list. The pop-up window will automatically close, and you will notice that your school is now listed on the page. Click "Add a Team." In the next pop up, you can select as many teams that you would like by choosing the sport, level, and gender from the given drop downs. Then click “Add”

Once you have favorited all of your teams, check what type of alerts you would like by clicking the “Alerts” tab on the top of your page (pictured below).

By checking the boxes beside “Schedule Changes” and “Scores and Stats”, you have chosen to receive schedule changes, scores, and other important news from your coaches and athletic director.

Click the Alerts Settings tab.

Once you are directed to the page below, click Add an Alert.

Enter your phone number and email again so you can get the schedule changes and score alerts. Click Add You will get the popup below.  Click okay, and a confirmation code will be sent to the phone number and email address you put in.


The final step is to enter the confirmation codes you were sent via email and text message. You will know you will be receiving alerts if under “Verified” you see “YES” 

If you did not receive a confirmation code, click here.


BigTeams Only Fan Account
To add alerts and favorite your teams, click the "My Favorites/Alerts" tab at the top. You will be directed to the page below. You will be asked to put in your cell number in again, as well as your cell phone carrier. You will also need to select Email & Text from the dropdown. You can leave the text type as “Detailed”. Be sure to click Update once you are done entering your alert information.

**If your "My Favorites/Alerts" page looks different than the one below please click here. Your school is using our scheduling system (Schedule Star) in addition to the BigTeams site and the alert sign up is a little bit different!

Then continue to scroll down, there you will see a list of all of your schools sports. You will want to check the box listed under the favorites column AND select “yes” in the drop down listed under the alerts column.


Then continue to scroll to the very bottom of the page and click Update.

The page will refresh and your information will be saved
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