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How do I manage my teams in my BigTeams Website?

Last Updated: Jul 09, 2018 01:58PM EDT

This page allows you to add teamsedit team information and defaults, and view teams as the team web administrator.

**If you use Schedule Star or rSchooltoday your teams are created from within your scheduling system and you will have limitations on what you can and cannot edit within this area.

To Add a team:

When you are on the "Manage Teams" page click "Add a Team" in the top right hand corner.  You will see a screen like the one below.


Fill in the appropriate gender, level, and sport.  If you do not see the sport level that you need you can learn how to add a custom sport level here.

Scoring type has to do with formatting. Most sports will be “Regular” because each team has its own score. “Descriptive” scores are ones where you might enter “3rd Place” instead of a number. You can change the scoring type by selecting from none, regular, or descriptive in the drop down list.

Once you have filled in the appropriate information click "Add Team".  That new team will appear on the "Manage Teams" page in alphabetical order in relation to the other team names.  

Once you have created a new team you will need to create a season for that team so that coaches can begin adding information. 

To update team information and schedule defaults:

Click on "Edit" in the right hand column titled "Options".  Clicking edit will take you to the screen below.

The information that you put in when you originally created the team (i.e. gender, level, sport, and score type) are at the top of the page and can be changed by choosing a different option from the drop down lists.  The bottom of the page is where you can edit the default settings for that team.  Default settings help save time when scheduling events.

Venue for Home Events

-  By selecting your home venue when you enter home events for this team the home venue will automatically be the venue that you have selected here.  It will usually be "Our School Name" or you can enter a specific location at your school for example, the main gym or the baseball field.

Venue for Away Events

-  For most sports you will want to select "(Opponents School Name)" for this category.  For sports such as golf, where all away matches are played at a specific golf course, you can set that location here so that when you enter away events the away venue will automatically be the venue you have selected here.

Transportation for Away Events

-  If you do not usually include the form of transportation leave this selection box as "None", if you would like to specify a transportation type, for example your football team always takes a bus, do that here.  When you enter a new AWAY event on the schedule for this team the transportation type on the schedule will automatically fill in with this selection.

These defaults will be used when you are adding events on the "Schedules, Game Summaries and Scores" page.

**These defaults only get applied after you push a button on each team's schedule page, so don't worry about accidentally changing a schedule from this screen.

View and edit team as Team Web Admin:

From this page you can click on "View as Team Web Admin" for any team to be taken to the coaches portal for that team.  From there you can edit team specific pages and schedules.  

To learn more about the coaches console click here.

To learn more about team schedules click here.

Add a Custom Sport Level

To add a level:

Click the "Add a Level" link in the top right corner. Type the name of the level in the box provided.  When you are done click "Submit". Once your new team level appears in the list, click "Return to Team Management".

When you add a new team the new level will appear in the drop down list when you select a level.

To remove a level:

Click "Remove" in the right hand column titled "Options".
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