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How do I add an event in Schedule Star?

Last Updated: Aug 08, 2018 12:30PM EDT

To add an event, first be sure that you are either in the Calendar or By Sport view. The Calendar view allows you to select a day of the month, and add an event that takes place on that day. The By Sport view allows you to select a Gender, Level, Sport, and add an event that is that is specific to that team.

Then click Add in the right corner.

Within the Add Event window, fill in all of the event details. Additional details are available on the Event List, Facility, Transportation, Officials, Game Help, Contract, Directions, and Post Game tabs.

Required information is listed below:

  • Gender
  • Level
  • Sport
  • Event Date
  • Official Start Time
  • Opponent
  • Event Type
    • Head-to-Head: you must have 1 opponent in addition to yourself
    • Meet: you must have a minimum of 2 opponents in addition to yourself and only 1 opponent can be designated as Host.



Also note that when adding an event it will default to a sporting event, but you can also choose to add a practice, school, personal, or other event as well.

Once you are done entering all details into all of the required fields, click Save.


Another way to add events to your calendar is through the Notifications tab (shown below). This feature allows you to build a team schedule using your opponent's events.

To accept or decline an event, click on the checkbox next to the event and then click the Actions button. Then click Accept or Decline.

When declining an event, you will have the option to notify the opponent. To notify the opponent, check "notify opponent" and enter the reason for declining. Then click Decline

Game Wizard rules can also be applied to events accepted through the Notifications portion. If Game Wizard rules are identified when accepting an event, the applicable options will be automatically selected on the accept window.
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