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How do I manage my PIAA eligibility?

Last Updated: Dec 07, 2018 12:49PM EST
As of August 2014, PIAA member schools are now required to submit student eligibility information online at  The required format can be generated quickly and easily from the Schedule Star program once your team rosters are created.  Listed below are the steps to create the files needed for this new reporting process. For instructions on how to edit and review the sections per PIAA requirements, click here.

NOTE: To ensure student data accuracy and to reduce data entry time, BigTeams offers a free import to our database.  Please click here for information on our FREE student import process.  

First, click on your Teams Directory.

Select the Year, Season, Sport, Level, and Gender.
Then click Reports.

Select Eligibility and Excel.
Then click Print.

Once you download the file, you will need to save it with an .XLS format.

Here's a video on how to upload the report to the PIAA site:

Review Your File
Below are the sections that print on the PA Eligibility report and instructions on how to update those columns.

NAME OF PUPIL: Student's first and last name from the student directory
PUBLIC SCHOOL DISTRICT:  This is the School District name. To update this information go to your student directory, click on the student from the list, click edit to open the students information, click enrollment, the district box is where this column pulls from.
DOB: Student's Date of birth within the Student directory
DATE OF ENROLLMENT: This is the first day of your current school year. To update this date click Settings, Eligibility Settings, type the date or select the date on the calendar in the Enrollment Date field box.
NUMBER OF SEMESTERS OF ATTENDANCE: This pulls from the semester attendance box within the students information. Please refer to semester updates to complete this process. If the student is a Junior his/her boxes will show a 2 in the 9, 2 in the 10, and 1 in the 11 box. This shows that the student is in the first semester of the his/her Junior year.
SEASONS OF COMPETITIONS..: This is the students participation in the sport. Participation is tracked through the teams tab. Place a "1" in the box which they participated. For example, if they participated on the Boys Varsity Basketball team in 9th and 10th grade then it would display a 1 in the 9 column and a 1 in the 10 column on the eligibility report.
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